Wholesale & Industrial Supplies offers high quality industrial wheels and trolley wheels in all sizes. We have plastic and steel centred pneumatic and solid rubber wheels. Our industrial wheels include nylon wheels, rubber wheels and cast iron & aluminium wheels with bonded urethane tyres.

All prices exclude GST.  Hamilton: 07 846 0328. Mt Maunganui: 07 574 2631

Plastic Centred Pneumatic Wheels

Steel Centred Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic tyres

Cast Iron Rexthane Wheels

Aluminium Rexthane Wheels

Solid Rubber Tyred Wheels

Zero Pressure Wheels

Industrial & Solid Rubber Wheels

General Purpose Plastic Wheels

Nylon Wheels

Medium-duty Plastic Wheels

Pallet Truck Wheels & Rollers

Cast Iron Wheels